How to get.

Means of reaching the Azores Archipelago.


There are seven airlines with direct flights to the Azores: the Azorean airline SATA, the airline TAP Portugal, the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, the American airline Delta Airlines, the Dutch airline Arkefly and the Belgian airline Jetairfly, both of the TUI Group and the German airline Germania.

The Azores are an archipelago of nine islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We are about two hours from Lisbon and Porto and less than four hours from the USA. Between the nine islands of the Azores it is possible to travel by plane and boat.

Direct International Flights

  • Toronto 4h 50min
  • Boston 4h 30min
  • Copenhaga 4h 45min
  • Madrid 2h 50min
  • Londres 4h 20min
  • Gran Canaria 3h 30min
  • Düsseldorf 4h 35min
  • Nuremberga 4h 40min
  • Paris 4h 00min


How to travel between the azores islands

To travel between the azores islands it is possible to go by boat and plane.

Travelling by plane between the Azores Islands

Flights between the Azores islands are operated by SATA – Azores Airlines. A plane ride from São Miguel Island – Terceira Island takes about 30 minutes. And a trip between São Miguel and Pico is about 50 minutes.
Direct Regional Flights:

  • Lisboa 2h 00min
  • Porto 2h 30min
  • Funchal 2h 00min
  • Faro 2h 00min



Boat trips are operationalized by the company Atlânticoline that provides the public service of maritime transport of passengers and inter-island vehicles in the archipelago.

Travel by boat between the Azores Islands

Throughout the year, three routes are available:

  • Green Line: Faial, Pico e São Jorge
  • Blue Line: Faial e Pico (Madalena)
  • Pink Line: Flores e Corvo

And during the spring/summer season, it is possible to travel by boat between all the islands via the Yellow Line. But this route does not include the trip to the island of Corvo because it is already done during the year through the Pink Line.

Public Transportation

Located less than 3 km from Ponta Delgada city centre, João Paulo II Airport has several options to get to your destination. Just choose the best option for what you need and you’re feeling at home in no time.


Taxis that work in partnership with Taxi Link offer a highly professional service and are available 24 hours a day anywhere on the island. You can find them in the Arrivals area.



The ANC Aerobus is a shuttle and private transfer service, which runs between João Paulo II Airport and the city of Ponta Delgada, in passenger transport vehicles such as buses, minibuses, 9-seater vehicles and special cars


With frequent departures from the airport, this bus ensures the connection between the main points of Ponta Delgada such as: Av. Prince of Monaco, Rua de Lisboa, Av. Infante Dom Henrique, Rua João Melo Abreu (Calheta), Av. Dom João III, São Gonçalo, Antero de Quental and Ramalho.



There are numerous rent car in the Archipelago, including at the airports themselves.