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Privacy Policy.

When you use the Taxi-Link app, you are accepting the terms set out in these conditions of use.

The Taxi-Link application is developed and operated by the company Geolink, Lda. with NIF 508384524 and social domicile at Avenida de França, 20, room 605, 4050-275 Porto.

The Taxi-Link application was created as an intermediation tool between taxi users and taxis, with the purpose of generating taxi reservations in these vehicles according to the requests of users. The provision of the service requested by the user is the responsibility of the taxi to which the service was assigned.

Geolink, Lda. will never be responsible for the no-show of the taxi to the reservation made, nor for the losses that may result.

The Taxi-Link application is based on communication and location infrastructures (mobile communications network and GPS network) that are likely to fail, and may cause the availability of wrong or delayed information in the Taxi-Link application, and this possibility is accepted by the user of the application. Geolink, Lda. is committed to minimizing whenever possible the availability of incorrect and/or delayed information in the Taxi-Link application.

The collection of user identification data may be done via the Internet (on the website itself), telephone or through printed documents and will be processed automatically, in accordance with the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission. All data collection will operate in accordance with the strictest safety rules.

No entity outside Geolink Lda. has access to or can query this data.

All employees of the entity responsible for the processing of personal data are covered by a duty of confidentiality and confidentiality in relation to data that have access in the context of data entry operations in their computer database, being duly informed of the importance of fulfilling this legal duty of confidentiality being required the corresponding responsibility.

All data collected through registration in the Taxi-Link application are entirely confidential and are intended for the management of customers and services of Geolink, Lda., as well as marketing actions of this same company. Thus, all your registration data is entirely confidential and will be used exclusively to bring you our news, serve you in the best possible way and create offers that suit your interests.