Call Centers.

Phone call remains one of the main ways to order a taxi.

Phone call remains one of the main ways to order a taxi. The voice, friendliness and professionalism of the call center operators associated with Taxi-Link reinforce the confidence of our customers in each order. And the technology after the phone makes the experience similar to app requests, with sending SMS to the customer’s mobile phone, allowing you to follow the route or evaluate.

In Taxi-Link the taxi request by phone call still has an important weight. The comfort of the voice and friendliness of call-center operators act as a differentiating factor for many of our customers. Also because the technology we put in the post-phone phase makes the user experience very similar to what is obtained with the request by our APP.

In the SMS that is sent when the request is made by call from a mobile phone goes verbatim the number of the taxi assigned and the estimated time of arrival. There will also be a link to a web page that is similar to the APP screen in the customer collection phase, being able to follow the taxi on map and do many of the things that are allowed by the APP (evaluate the taxi and the driver, for example).

Through taxi-link technology we can centralize in call-centers of large taxi centers the telephone service of smaller centers. The huge investment representing the existence of a call center that operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is unaffordable for small-scale plants.

By answering phone calls from other fleets, many of the taxi centers that work with us have seen their call centers grow significantly in the number of phone calls they answer, gaining economies of scale that are advantageous for everyone. And the small plants, which include plants with almost 100 taxis, did not need their own call center, achieving an important monthly savings.